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🔒 Microsoft has released patches for 143 security flaws this month, including 2 actively exploited ones. 5 are Critical, 136 Important. Stay secure! #CyberSecurity #InfoSec #DataProtection #VulnerabilityManagement #MicrosoftPatchTuesday

🎉 We did it! Thrilled to announce that we’ve achieved #CyberEssentialsPlus certification following a successful audit. A huge thanks to our dedicated team and partners for ensuring top-notch #CyberSecurity. Ready to keep your data safe! 🔐 #Infosec #DataProtection #CyberSafety

Microsoft has released security updates to address 51 flaws as part of its Patch Tuesday updates for June 2024.

Of the 51 vulnerabilities, one is rated Critical and 50 are rated Important. This is in addition to 17 vulnerabilities resolved in the Chromium-based Edge browser over

🔐 Stay vigilant! Recent reports highlight a surge in #phishing attacks affecting 90% of UK businesses. 🚨 Also, the UK has sanctioned a LockBit ransomware leader, targeting one of the most prolific cybercrime gangs. Ensure strong passwords and use 2FA to protect your data! 💻

Microsoft has addressed a total of 61 new security flaws in its software as part of its Patch Tuesday updates for May 2024, including two zero-days which have been actively exploited in the wild. #PatchNow #cybersecurity

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Active IT Solutions specialises in providing IT Security solutions.

Cyber attacks are a very real threat to businesses of all sizes – including yours. With ransomware attacks on the rise and the potential costs of a data breach running into the thousands, you can’t afford to continue unprotected.

With more than 25 years’ experience fighting online threats, we’ve developed a range of services that help organisations of all sizes fight back against the hackers, including:

We’ll work with you to ascertain the likely risks and come up with a bespoke package to protect you, your staff and your customers – including reactive and proactive protection and disaster recovery options.

Am I really at risk?

Absolutely. Hackers will target businesses of all sizes, with small and medium-sized organisations providing attackers with a gateway to the larger companies they work with.

A successful hack can harvest your passwords, data and your customers’ information and bring down your entire IT system – all of which bring their own operational, financial and reputational costs.

Nearly 30% of organisations have seen business operations impacted by ransomware, with many simply not ready for an attack. They lack effective prevention, a plan for zero downtime, or a process to recover quickly.

Don’t let your business become another statistic – speak to us today and start protecting yourself.

Get in touch with us for more information or read further…

Our Solutions

Active IT Solutions offer many IT Security solutions, including:

Endpoint, Server, Firewall and Cloud Security Advice

To protect your business from cyber attacks, we can advise on and supply protection. We are experts in networking topology and security. We can design, supply and install a firewall solution, as well as software that will defend your IT infrastructure from viruses, malware, exploitation attacks and Zero Day threats. A mis-configured server, network, policy or appliance can be worse than having no firewall at all! We can examine, advise and correct any potential security flaws or configuration errors before you and your organisation are exposed. Additionally, we always use a unique multi-vendor approach to provide the maximum possible security for all clients.

Penetration Testing

As a team of certified Ethical Hackers and experts in Cyber and IT Security we use tried and tested methods including (but not limited to) Cobolt Strike – A world class threat emulation package used by pentesters and hackers alike…. or Kali Linux – a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. Active IT Solutions can test your networks, WIFI, websites, and infrastructure to it limits after which we will provide a comprehensive report and assist you in actioning our concerns.

Dark Web Monitoring

Sites on the dark web are marketplaces for emerging cyber threats. These are rich sources of intelligence, often relevant to a broad spectrum of potential targets. To make the best use of dark web intelligence, you want to be alerted only when new and relevant information emerges and be able to quickly determine what requires further investigation or escalation. The team at Active IT have unparalleled access to the dark web built over the last 15 years which allows identification of proprietary data or lost credentials on marketplaces as well as mentions of your company, brands, or infrastructure.

We can also uncover new and emerging exploits and malcode tools relevant to your technology stack being developed and traded in dark web locations. Newly identified vulnerabilities or exploits represent significant opportunities for threat actors, and these attack methods are discussed, developed, and sold in dark web forums and underground marketplaces. We can also identify exploit chatter for unknown vulnerabilities, helping you identify information uniquely relevant to your business and better prioritize remediation efforts based on evidence of increased adversary intent or their capabilities.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to discuss your IT Security needs, please get in touch with us.


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